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    MPhillip wrote:
    How many ‘free to publish’ self publishing platforms are there?

    I know of KDP and Createspace – both entities.

    How many more are there and what are they?


    There are hundreds of vanity presses out there. None of them are free.
    And unless you own the ISBN you did not self publish even if it were free.

    The only truly free option that I know is DIY and amazon. And amazon pushes hard to get you to buy services from them.
    There are some other publishing related sites that I have heard off that might be free but I never checked them out.

    However the names that came to mind were not publishers nor self publishing services.
    I just found out that goodreads is just another amazon company and looks more like promotion than publishing.
    And Scribd seems to profit by renting books they don’t legally own.

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    If you only want electronic publishing, there’s Smashwords.

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    Oldtimer wrote:
    If you only want electronic publishing, there’s Smashwords.

    That was one of the ones I was trying to recall.

    Smashwords an e-book-distribution platform, per wikipedia. Their website indicates they also do publishing.

    Authors and independent publishers upload their manuscripts as electronic files to the Smashwords service, which converts them into multiple e-book formats for reading on various devices. Once published, the books are made available for sale online at a price set by the author or indie publisher.

    I don’t see kindle or amazon listed on their site:

    I suppose you could also send the book to amazon to be kindle formatted and sold there.

    I just found this one that I had not heard of.
    Claims to be free. Don’t know what the downside is.
    I guess they hope to make a profit on useless services they sell you the same as amazon does. Or maybe if you don’t pay for expedited they take refuse to publish it at all and refer you to their vanity press affiliate

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    MPhillip wrote:
    I suppose I should have performed a ‘net search for “self publishing platforms”. Here’s what I found:

    Draft2Digital (for iBooks and Nook + others)

    And more. Plenty of blogs out there listing the ten best or their favorite 12, etc. There are even some unbiased reviews of different platforms.

    Be careful. All VANITY PRESSES claim to be self publishing assistance.
    When I searched for top ten lists they were mostly vanity presses out to take a naive author.

    The publisher is the person who owns the ISBN whether he hires someone else to do it all or does part themself or does it all.

    In practice you should always have an independent editor. If you are smart enough to write a book you are smart enough to download a cover and do it too. Layout formatting and conversion to ebooks is an area where it is often better to hire that task out.

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    MPhillip wrote:
    plughmann – I understand you have a problem with some vanity presses, but continued bashing of vanity presses – good ones or bad ones – is inappropriate unless you have personal experience with them. Then by all means tells us about your experience with that one.

    Take a moment to check out each of the self-publishing businesses listed before bashing them. Some might construe such comments as slander or libel.

    And I’m not saying or implying that you don’t have a right to voice your opinions. I don’t think this thread is the right place to voice your opinions on businesses which you have not researched and/or with which you have no personal experience. Perhaps starting a thread to cover the issues in which you are expressing yourself in this one would be a more satisfactory outlet.

    I’m sorry if you think I’m overly harsh with my comments, but this thread was started to discover alternatives to the Amazon experience (KDP and CreateSpace) for self-publishing and to garner comments of peoples’ experiences with them.

    I have been involved with publishing and self publishing for some 50 years. There are no good ones.
    And I have researched almost all of them. They keep popping up, changing names, merging, so it is hard to get them all.

    Vanity presses charge way to much and have too little value. The quality is usually terrible. And the contracts are badly one sided.
    Read about that problem here:

    You can google for information and if you find anything other than their websites that say good things let me know.
    I already have many places that disparage all of them.

    As I said the publisher is the owner of the ISBN. If you want to self publish then you can use any and all or none of the various resources available. And pick and choose the best of each not take what one company provides.

    Most self publishers have their own small publishing company. If you hire another company to publish then you did NOT self publish when they provide their ISBN and charge outrageous fees. The only thing I would have hired is a printer and an editor. Now I would also hire an ebook conversion service. But I would never use one source to do everything.

    You should definitely hire an editor. Most will want someone to do ebook conversion. Some may need file layout for print. But you do not need to buy covers. And the marketing, and collateral material the vanities try to sell you are worthless. And so called self publishing company contracts are bad. See Levines book for info.

    I think your comments are silly and not based on facts nor experience.

    If you have a question about publishing then ask it. If you want a list of book printers then aeonix has it. If you want a list of vanity publishers there are some partial ones easily found.

    Amazon can be free but they limit what you can do. For the amateur novelist it is great. If your goal is to make a profit on a non fiction book then amazon is not the way to go.

    The other free one I just found in the other post may not have the marketing reach of amazon, assuming they will publish for free and it is not a scam to get you to use their vanity press sister site. I read their information and it is unclear if they are real or not. These days a number of trad pub houses have also set up a vanity press operation. When they reject your book for normal publishing they direct you to their vanity press to make money charging you for a book they dont think they could make a profit publishing traditionally.

    Before you pick any company you should google their name along with scam fraud cheat etc. has good info for you. does too.

    This list morphs vanity and others

    Here is a list of book printers. Do not ever use a general printer to publish your book.

    Here is a partial list of the bigger vanity presses and their costs. It does not list author house and its often sued partners.
    Infinity Publishing: $1,097 (includes 5 “free” copies)
    CreateSpace: $1,288 (Price only allows 3 images on the cover. Deduct $399 if submitting your own cover. D.I.Y. program available for less.)
    Trafford: $1,474
    Xlibris: $1,523
    Bookbaby: $1,643
    Lulu: $1,688 (D.I.Y. program available for less.)
    iUniverse: $1,899 (includes 3 “free” copies)
    Llumina Publishing (a.k.a. BreezeWay): $1,946 (includes 10 “free” copies)
    Dog Ear Publishing: $1,998 (includes 5 “free” copies)
    Westbow Press: $2,070 (includes 10 “free” copies)
    Outskirts Press: $2,296 (includes 10 “free” copies)
    Mill City Press: $2,744
    Xulon Press: $2,845 (includes 5 “free” copies)
    AuthorHouse: $2,874 (includes 3 “free” copies)

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    MPhillip wrote:
    OK. You win. You can have the whole damn community for all I care. I won’t be back.


    I don’t want anything but to determine what is true and useful wrt writing and publishing.

    Tell us your problem and we will suggest solutions.
    Ask a specific question and we will try to answer it.

    If you know everything then tell us the answer.

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