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    Hello WD community! My name is Coleton Casano, I am 26 and live on the Mississippi gulf coast. Before I get launch into the next bit. I would like to request to become a full member.

    I am new to the professional writing world. However I have always enjoyed writing, and have done so frequently. I am starting to write more seriously now though, thanks to a few friends.

    Today I decided to join the community on a somewhat of a whim. My main reason for doing so is to find help on a question that I have. If there are any members out there willing to speak to me about this I would be grateful. I do not wish to post the question here though. As it is not the area for questions. Suffice to say, I would like some help getting more familiar with the professional writing world. In particular in areas of non-fiction and memoirs. If you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions. I would most certainly appreciate your time!


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    Welcome to the forums.

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