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    Hello, I am new to the community and had some questions regarding first drafts.

    I was wondering how many of you out there type their word first drafts on the computer, like for example, Microsoft word? If so, do you type the rough draft in a certain format or save that when you’re ready to submit the actual manuscript for publishing? Page size, spacing, font size, etc… Or do you just first hand write your story first and save all the typing for editing and manuscript formatting?

    I was curious if anyone types a rough draft without double spacing?

    Also, part of my next question is due to the fact that I enjoy writing a lot, and despite being an avid reader I know I am a very bad editor. When typing your work during a draft or even writing it out, do you know exactly where to put things such as ellipsis, en dash, em dash, or where to italicize your words? And does most programs adjust it for you when you do remember to put them in manually?

    Lastly, when finishing up your manuscript and right before submitting them to publishers, is it the editors jobs to add those dashes and italicize to use emphasis on a word or do you have to include that in your submitted manuscript? I always pictured that the complete manuscript has to be in times new roman font and that the editors add that stuff in

    Thank you so much and I hope some one can answer my questions.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

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    I answered this earlier. Now it is gone. I see another copy of this thread with an answer from ostarella. Are there three of them now? You beat imyrrs double posting problem if you have 3 of them.

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