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    “Bad romance
    To cash in on Kindle Unlimited, a cabal of authors gamed Amazon’s algorithm”

    By Sarah Jeong@sarahjeong Jul 16, 2018, 9:10am EDT

    #[bleep]gate (starts with a “C” and describes an arrogant person, usually male)



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    Rob Vargas

    There’s sometimes a thin line between discussion and not discussion.

    These forums are for discussion. Not a bulletin board for posting “interesting stuff.”

    Please don’t treat these forums as a personal blog.

    Let’s try to have actual conversations.

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    Sorry if I’ve offended you Rob. 🙁

    Posts like this is what I’ve always done, pls and Terry never had a problem with it.

    And in a former incarnation many years ago, I did the same, and then administrators and moderators didn’t have a problem with it then either.

    And I distinctly remember pls (for those who don’t know, pls is Paul a former Administrator here and kind friend who has passed away) posting an article title and it’s link and then merely saying “Discuss.” He did it when the forum was slow and it seemed he wanted to liven things up a bit.

    I just wanted to do the same.

    So many members have gone, the members I knew many years ago and then the members when I became Dreaming Imrryr, and now some members have not come back after this new forum format came about.

    We’re the only ones left. 🙁

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    Rob Vargas

    I didn’t say it’s a problem. I’m trying (in my small way) to get participation up, but these posts don’t invite participation.

    This forum needs discussions. We’re not going to get them with uncommented links to random stories.

    With the malfunctioning forum main page, it’s hard enough to see when new posts take place. If the posts then don’t invite response and discussion, then these forums will fail.

    We’re waiting for WD developers to fix the failings with how this was implemented. But this is something we as participants can do to improve the odds of success.

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    I agree with Rob. I never click on links like this, because I don’t want to read what someone outside the forum thinks about some topic. I want to know what the poster (member, participant) thinks, and then I can respond, agree or disagree, and discuss it with him/her.


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