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    5 years ago, I set a PERSONAL GOAL of writing my first book about college teaching tips. To keep me motivated, I publicly announced this goal and a 1-year deadline on FB.

    Instead of keeping it secret, I wanted the peer pressure of friends and family to remind me of this goal from time to time. They kept asking about the book, especially after I blew past my 1-year deadline. Sure, it was embarrassing to explain that I had writer’s block (twice).

    Thanks in part to everyone who encouraged me to keep writing, my debut book was eventually published 4 years after that initial FB announcement. So don’t be afraid to publicly announce your goals via social media. The ENCOURAGEMENT you receive from friends and family might just make all the difference. 😀

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    I bet that’s a good idea for many people! There’s someone on my Facebook (old friend I don’t talk to haha) who posts about his screenplay he’s working on, and the progress. I bet the likes and comments he gets helps to motivate.

    For me, I found two different things help. First is making a schedule for writing. My senior year of high school, I decided I was going to finish a book, so I made a schedule, and stuck to it. Finished it that year. Second is getting critiques from people. Asking people to read your stuff, you’re going to get very helpful critiques that benefit your style, and also people who like what you write, which gets you excited.

    That said, I find after finishing your first book, it becomes almost second nature of finish another.

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    I set goals. I am not much for making proclamations about them. I tried that route and it didn’t really work. Whatever method produces for you, go with it. For writing a first draft I generally give myself four months. I’ve written about six first drafts, 4 of which have found completion or near completion. Currently I am working on a sequel to one of my books that has had some success. I never intended to write one but now that I have received several requests for one, I started it two weeks ago. My plan is to have the first draft completed before the spring. Ooops, I stated publicly my intent. Oh well.

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