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    Hi there,

    I am currently working on a horror short story. Two months ago I published a collection of short stories and poems (I know, I know, the two most “unpopular” categories on Amazon…). Well, the success of this publication, as you might imagine, was not overwhelming, to say the least.

    So I want to change my strategy for my next project. I am reading over and over again that preorders can work wonders with the right marketing. This article really says it all:

    But even this article stresses that an author must already have a solid fan base, subscribers etc.

    Well, I do not have a mailing list, and I doubt I have a fan base, at least for my books written in English (I have published a duology in German which is selling okay-ish, but definitely not great either).

    Has anyone of you ever launched a successful preorder without tons of subscribers, etc.?

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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    I share your boat, so any tips from seasoned forumites would be welcomed. 🙂

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    Here is a topic I made that might be of use.

    “The Indie Author ATSO Guide Volume 3: Starting From Nothing”

    And I don’t think preorders would work without a mailing list or fan base.

    Having a mailing list of true fans who have purchased your prior books is the key for the average indie author. They are your customers and you can market a preorder to them.

    The purpose of using preorders is to get a huge spike in initial sales at your book’s launch, this would place your book higher on the Amazon sales rank and gives your book more visibility, more people looking at your book means more chances of a book sale, so big sales at launch ends up increasing your book’s chances for even more sales.

    But unfortunately, Amazon has gotten wise to this strategy that indie authors use and it seems that preorders don’t work as well as they used to so I’m told. I have never used preorders.

    Preorders might still be a nice strategy for other venues like Barnes & Noble.

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