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    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to this site and writing in general, well, creative writing at least.
    I’m 65k words into my first book (fantasy) and really proud of the story I have so far. However, I know there’s still lots to learn so don’t want to finish it and publish (after rounds of editing) without testing my writing style. Would hate for my good story to be ruined by inexperienced mistakes.

    Now, as I dare say as with most of you on here, I’d love to be able to retire from the (stressful) day job and live from earnings from writing.

    Whilst I do have faith in my story telling abilities, I’m under no illusions that I can retire on one book with pending sequels, well at least without amazing and expensive marketing that is.

    So, my idea is to write and release a few novellas, probably in series format, as self published and offer for free for the time being (under a different pen name too). This way I can test my writing style without fear of giving myself a negative name or ‘killing’ my story. If successful I can always remain as this pen name.

    I’ve also started a blog, more of a way of keeping a diary, but hoping to start marketing that at some stage and hopefully do a few guest blogs in the future on other sites.

    So, my main questions are, do you think my tactics are viable, is there a better strategy and am I simply dreaming that I could make a living with no experience or online presence to date?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and look forward to any comments and advice.


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    Whoops, more to self, check title fits before pressing send.

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    T. A. Rodgers
    Senior Moderator

    Anything is possible. I know of an author that just received $2m for her debut novel. So it does happen.

    Just don’t quit your day job until it happens. 🙂

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    Wow, that’s quite a pay day. Gives me some hope and will keep me dreaming when walking into the office come Monday morning.

    $2m from her first book? That should be quite a future in writing that she’s got there now.

    Out of curiosity, what genre was her book?

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    If you have a determination of writing then nothing is impossible for you. It does not matter either you have experienced or fresher in this profession

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    T. A. Rodgers
    Senior Moderator

    The genre is fiction. Not sure where it will go on the shelf. I know what it’s about, but to say where it goes is tough.

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    Your strategy, not tactics, is questionable.

    Like T.A. Rogers said, don’t quit your day job, to which I add until your income stream allows you to retire.

    This is a very long tailed phenomenon. A few writers make it big, some do okay, most do not make minimum wage or lose money if they paid for publication and promotion.

    Write your books while you have a job. Start your promotion before the book comes out and keep promoting. Establish social media presence to help gain name recognition and to advertise your books. Switching pen names will lose any value the first books created for future sales.

    What might work better is to sell your work to a genre magazine. If they like it then you have some street cred and some assurance that future books have the potential to sell if you promote them well.

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    T. A. Rodgers
    Senior Moderator

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