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    I just joined, and so, personal etiquette compels me to tell you a bit about me.

    Please, allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of no wealth and no fame…………….

    In reality, I’m like so many others who’d like to be able to tell a story and perhaps make a little coin off of it, but my desire is not quite that of a proto-plutocrat bent on world financial domination, but more like wanting to share my thoughts with the rest of the world. To start off, I’m one of the eternal smartasses, because I’ve always been of the attitude that ’tis better to be considered a smart ass than a dumb ass any time. Second, even before I heard it from Red Skelton, why take life seriously, because nobody’s gonna get out of it alive. And I’m always in the market for new puns and even a few jokes(no matter how family-unfriendly).

    I’m a mechanic, specifically A&P mechanic, which is considered by all other mechanic disciplines to be the red headed step child(this dates from the 20s, when there were no requirements for anyone to work on flying machines, which resulted in many pilots ending up trying to fly underground, something most pilots really do try to avoid), but also an amateur aviation historian(I have yet to see any college course which teach aviation history as a primary course, although I might be wrong about that). I am also a model maker(see above for the kind of modeller I am), and have read much more than my fair share of science fiction, fantasy, lots and lots of Lovecraft and Lovecraftian fiction(Stross is, in my humble opinion, one of the best modern day Lovecraftian authors with his Laundry Files), but also a lot of techno thrillers, political pot boilers, and lots and lots of miscellaneous genres. I’m also a Pagan(actually a Soltitary Practioner), and a Gemini(don’t give me grief about airy fairy fluffy bunny stuff, though, ’cause I’ve been at it for a lot longer than any fluffy bunny has patience for. Geminis are also pretty good communicators), and tend to have a very quick intellect(I’m not boasting, because a quick intellect also has its disadvantages), and even though I graduated high school and went on, years after, to secondary school in the form of Spartan School of Aeronautics(where I flew rings around my instructors, but had to take the classes in order to qualify to take the 3 FAA exams, Airframe, Powerplant, and General), I haven’t had much other formal schooling beyond the odd FAA mandated seminar over the years.

    So, I’d like to learn from the rest of you guys and see what I come up with.But more than that, being possessed of a quick intellect as well as being an inveterate and permanent smart ass, as well as pretty good punster(and yes, I do like to dole out pun-ishment), and something of a political curmudgeon(of the Leftist species), I also like to share ideas because sometimes it is better to share with an expert who might be able to do a better job with that, especially in these times when it matters very little who comes up with a good idea and more the way a body says it.

    And so, I’d like to see if anyone who might fancy themselves to be a Clancy or a Dale Brown to consider the phrase our illustrious President declared himself to be, namely “Stable Genius”.

    I have no idea as to how to craft a political pot boiler or even just a political novel. Nor do I know how to effectively craft a techno-thriller along the lines of a Dale Brown or a Stephen Coonts. But, “Stable Genius” is something that screams, if not a dark story(yes, it could), but something like profound parody, or even a possible cautionary tale.

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    Welcome to the forums.

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    Thank you.

    I have previously attempted writing something, but when I showed it to a few people(no relatives, though), the general conscensus was that I wrote a pretty nice engineering treatise, not a novel.

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    It happens. Just keep practicing, read plenty of books in the areas you would like to concentrate in, and repeat.

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    “read plenty of books in the areas you would like to concentrate in, and repeat.”
    I’ve been doing that. However, in this present case, taking the idea, “stable genius”, I’m having trouble crafting that into a concept I could use, and subsequently define in a usable and understandable story is the bugbear I’m confronting now. I could use many other quotes as my supporting cast, so to speak, but that concept itself is so screwy that I don’t even have a dictator, either in the current era or in the past, although Shaka Zulu might come close, and even then only tangentially, as ol’ Shaka was almost completely hung up on his mother, and the person who made that quote is the kind of guy even a(his) mother couldn’t love. There’s something there, but as a tickle in the back of the head, it is more like a faint itchiness.

    You see, it isn’t just the books I like to read, the afore mentioned pot boilers and various techno-thrillers, but also the historical record I could possibly draw from. But then, were I to approach this from a tecno side, I’d end up with a story I’d started, which had to do with someone taking a bank of lasers(medium wattage, around 100w/square milimeter), arranged in a hemispherical shape, heating to fusion temps a heavy/triple heavy water slush , initiating a fusion reaction of some several Mtons’ yield in a basement in some large city in the US, most likely Washington DC. And it scared me, because after it seemed a bit too plausible, I asked a friend who knows more about such things and was told that this’d actually work, so I disposed of everything, because I didn’t want to give a set of building instructions for such a device, which the story would’ve ended up being. That kind of responsibility I do not need in the very least.

    My biggest problem is that my thinking tends to be several miles outside the cat box, ’cause I tend to see sides of things that few have, such as a possible turboprop conversion of either a FW190 or TA152, something not even the craziest Luft46 modellers ever considered. It’s kinda like playing a game of cat’s cradle and ending up with a bridge truss.

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    Just write. Stop worrying about anything else.

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    My opinion? Well… first, welcome.

    Now, my opinion is to stop trying to be so… well… literal. You’ve got all kinds of references just in your posts.

    For me, it was a single tagline that started the process. Then I imagined the character that said it. Now… why would he say that? How did he get to that point.

    Instead of trying to get all that structure, get the story. Who is your protagonist? Who (or what) is the antagonist? What are the stakes? How did your character get there?

    Don’t worry about realism. You can always fine tune that later. Worry about consistency. Do the character and the story go together? No matter how far out there you go, readers will follow along as long as the story isn’t violating its own logic. That worked for Philip K. Dick and A.E. Van Vogt. Heck, William Gibson practically invented cyberpunk, and peopled followed along with his stories just fine considering he darn near created a whole vernacular for his works.

    Also, look over the original MacGuyver TV series. They did a lot of “sciencey” stuff there, but deliberately left details out or even inserted deliberate errors so that people could not do some of the explodey stuff MacGuyver did.

    Your readers are sharp pickles. They’ll get it.

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    My apologies. First off, all the other referents were elsewhere, but the original, which was “stable genius” was what I am sticking with, and one of the lead characters, at least the bad or insane guy referred to himself as that. As far as the nature of the novel, whether political potboiler, techno-thriller or even something along the lines of a Stross or other Lovecraftian outre fiction, that’s also part of it. The home made fusion nuke with the lasers, that was just an example of what I do when I have my mechanic/instructor hat on and am wanting to give a reasonably workable description of something.

    Between you, me and the virtual walls, something along the lines of outre fiction would kinda tickle my punny bump. Not so much puns in the literate sense, but more like a visual sort of punning, think a duckbill platypus or even a camel(when you consider that a lot of biologists describe a camel as a horse that was designed by a committee). Lovecraftian tales, to me, lend themselves to that sort of thing, especially if public servant who work as computational demonologists would be part of the tale. But then, Stross does that a whole lot better than I could, at least currently.

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    I am a new member here.
    I have been writing for 3 years now, so if anyone needs assistance with their essays/ assignments you can get in touch with me.

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    Know anything about crazy people being leaders, said crazy person, while being something of a world leader, is also quite self-delusional(different from being just plain crazy, but possessed of a feral grifter type personality, who garners to support of an even more deluded segment of the population?

    What I’m wondering if somewhere, somehow, somewhen, there is also a certain amount of segmented tentacled mind eater from “elsewhere”, with said tentacle inserted in an Official Orifice, perhaps first insertion when said crazy person began making certain personal vows which amounted to an attraction spell of some sort said person had unconsciously and unwittingly crafted(you really don’t have to know what you’re doing, just allow certain sets of mental images to build that, along with the fact that Stross’ “singularity” is about to occur when computers become complex enough to cause human beings to attract unwanted attention from “Outside the Spheres of Reality”.

    It sounds like a jumbled complex of disparate threads, but then, a jigsaw puzzle unassembled looks the same. Gotta start re-reading my collection of Stross.

    I’m partial to Lovecraftian fiction, especially Stross’ type, because it tends to have a lot of unnoticed humor(a bureaucrat who used to be a little bitty self-taught computer geek, who is just trying to find a good cup to tea, or some such). That type of fiction tends to, I find, lend itself to some really nasty(not obscene or harmful, just nasty like good puns are considered nasty by many people because such puns make people think) kinds of humor.

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    When writing fiction know your audience. There are a lot of people smarter than me when it comes to writing novels, but you wouldn’t know it. That is because most novels are written on an 8th grade or lower reading level. Big fancy words, coupled with complex sentence structures, will lose your audience. There really is truth to the KISS method. Keep it simple stupid.

    P.S. I’m not calling you stupid. I’m just making an analogy.

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    No, you did not call me “stupid”. In fact, you didn’t even call me late for supper.

    What you did was gift me with some valuable advice.

    And I get it.

    Thank you

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    Good, I wanted to make sure. What I see in your writing is someone of intelligence. I just wanted to make sure you realize that when it comes to novels you may have to tone it down or risk losing your readers. The last thing you want a reader to do is stop reading because they either don’t know the word you’re using or because they have to re-read a sentence to try to ascertain what you said. When it comes to writing thrillers the goal of a writer is to have the reader get through each page as fast as they can. High pace action makes for exciting reading, so you don’t want a reader to get hung up on a word. 🙂

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    I’m not one of those idiots(or vidiots, a word I coined to describe the self-styled “geniuses(genii?) one encounters on the intertubes(which actually filled with and run by cats) who takes any kind of criticism as some sort of challenge to my “manhood”(or some such dreck). I know constructive criticism when it is presented to me.

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