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    Hi everyone,

    It’s so nice to be here. After promising myself for probably 15 years that I’d get active with pitches and queries, I’m finally here!

    A little bit about me. I was the head writer for Nightingale Conant for a very long time, and wrote the workbooks that went inside the audio programs they published.I then branched out to creating audio program scripts for their in-house brand, Nightingale Learning Systems. One of them (The Top 2%) really took off and my confidence was bolstered that I might be a good writer, for reals. But, all of these were ghostwriting deals. I’m in the middle of a 5 book series for Dale Carnegie, also ghostwritten.

    But finally, this year, I published a book with a royalty deal (The Power of Charisma: Harnessing the C-Factor to Inspire Change)! It came out three weeks ago, and is in Barnes and Noble and also online. I’m trying to leverage the momentum while I can, and so I’m here to pitch magazines on various articles relating to the topic of charisma. I’m a total newbie to this whole world, and am looking forward to learning from all of you. Any advice is appreciated!


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    You should get approved for general posting soon.
    The name will turn blue so you will know when it happened.

    As to the biz end of writing WM is the place to start.

    Magazines are not so good for sales these days.
    But if you have a book then writing the article while plugging the book makes up for the low rates they pay now.

    Again WM will help you identify places that might want your sort of articles or other types of writing .

    Biz writing pays much better. There should be a market for scripts and A/V teaching materials with biz markets.

    And of course ghostwriting can pay well.

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    Welcome to the forums. You can now post everywhere.

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