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    I’ve never written professionally, except for one science article written for a Respiratory Care magazine a very long time ago.

    I love writing, but career/raising kids/blah blah…haven’t had or made a lot of time to develop anything creative.

    I expect in the next 8-10 years to retire from my current profession, and I don’t really believe in retirement. I believe I want to write short stories, and possibly do some sort of freelance to work with scientific topics — summarizing information for more general consumption.

    I am not particularly good at poetry, although if there’s anyone who has advice on breaking out of the analytical and literal mindset it might be good for me to try.

    Anyway, my first goals are to simply get some writing routines started, and familiarize myself with the site and it’s resources.


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    Good luck with your writing.

    There are many books and web sites that will tell you how to write.
    Their advice runs all over the place and none is guaranteed.

    Take a look at some of them and then pick what seems to work for you.
    From your background I would suggest you consider the snowflake method as being a good fit.
    buy the book if the web site is not enough. There are other free sites elaborating on it too.

    I would not advise to lose the analytical mind, especially for your non fiction.
    Keep that and add the techniques of creativity for fiction. But use the analytical to better plot faster and better.
    Google for the creativity aids. Brainstorming, clustering, yada yada. There is lots of info on them on the net.

    Here are some plot formulas. They are a good guide for the beginner. Use what helps you and ignore the rest.

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    Welcome to the forums.

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