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    Hello! My name is Jack and I’m interested in becoming a member of the WD forum. Given the sheer volume of spam posts in this introduction section, I really appreciate the policy of having to post here first. Brilliant idea! (ETA: I’m editing my post in hopes of bumping it back to page one before it gets lost in the Spam Sea!)

    I’m currently trying to decide which of two genres I enjoy to write a novel in. It’s a much more difficult decision than I anticipated and I’m playing around with trying to combine the two. (At least the characteristics that I love most about each of them.)

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    Welcome to the forums. The website makers are working on a new website that will hopefully help with all of the spam.

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    Thanks, T.A.Rodgers. As for the spam, it’s annoying but I don’t get too worked up about it these days. I’d rather spend my energy on more meaningful things. As a mod, or admin, it must be draining though.

    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve been reading the forums but feel weird about responding since nobody “knows” me. I reckon that’s what the Intro section is for so this seems like the best place to enter.

    I’ll just blurt out the typical, curious info and what I’m working on. (Forgive the following run-on sentence!) I’m Jack, 51 years old, live quietly and simply, am debt free, got tired of working for companies (and with the public) so, while going in to work one day I made the decision to walk in and quit even though I couldn’t afford to. (No regrets.) After some time, I took a job as caretaker of my apartment building (a part time job) and have been doing that ever since. It works for me because I’m a major homebody. Being debt free helps. The job pays my rent, phone, electricity and internet and still leaves me enough to buy groceries. It’s not a lavish lifestyle but I’m finally happy.

    I’ve always wanted to write and sell novels for a living. I never attempted it, though not for insecure reasons. But, this is my time now and, if not now, when? I’m not thin-skinned by any means and appreciate honesty and constructive criticism. I’m going for it fully saddled and guns blazing. And yes, I realize that the odds of being one of the incredibly few who makes a living writing novels are slim to none. Yet, it does happen so, why not me? I’m not afraid of earning it.

    I may be new at attempting to make a living from writing but I’m not necessarily a “newbie.” For many years I’ve looked into it. I’ve lurked on writer’s forums and read everything. I’m familiar with all the usual writerly advice. I’ve read agent, editor and publisher blogs until I got to the point that, once I started reading, I knew what the rest of the article would say! Still, I know full well that I’m not an expert, a professional, know everything, or well-seasoned. What I am is determined, excited, and confident that it’s still possible – even for someone like me. I’m also a habitual comma abuser. Sorry about that.

    I like to cook. A lot. (Hence my screen name, which combines my two favorite things – cooking and novel writing.) I’m unashamedly old-fashioned, traditional, and a kid at heart. The genres I’m interested in writing are Cozy Mysteries and Middle Grade. I’m currently attempting to combine the two and we’ll see which genre my book ends up best suited for!

    Other than that, my computer is an 11 year old iMac that is in desperate need of replacement. I love Apple’s OS but do I want to pay their prices when finances are dear right now? I wholeheartedly refuse to use Windows but I’m open to a Chromebook. The only problem is that I’m also interested in trying out Scrivener. (Well, that and whether or not I care to entrust absolutely everything with Google, which I’m also not a big fan of.) Unfortunately, they don’t make Scrivener for Chromebooks. I learned I could install Linux on Chromebook and use the Windows version of Scrivener. That would mean learning Linux. :::sigh::: I sorely want an Apple (MacBook Air) but I’m trying to justify the price, not to mention save enough to get one. (Cash on the barrelhead.) Any advice, experience or warnings would be greatly appreciated.

    Lastly, I’m looking for a way to earn more money working from home. $500 a month would be fantastic. Still looking for legitimate opportunities though. It’s one of the reasons I’m interested in Scrivener. Their automatic formatting for e-books, etc., would open opportunities to make money publishing other material. Again, advice, direction or warnings about work-at-home opportunities would be greatly appreciated. (If allowed, of course.)

    Well, if my long post didn’t scare folks away, I’m looking forward to getting to know other writers here. See you on the next page.


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