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    Hey there folks,
    I’m Wellenpiep and I came to this forum to search for advice on the topic of writing in general.
    I got a few Stories with already planned scenes but not a very worked out construct of a full 5 act story yet nor am I able to put it to paper. I’ve tried to in the past years again and again but I didn’t felt I like I could make it.

    I sadly have very low self-control when it comes to focus on a single project. When I work in a bigger context like a group its easier for me, but if I got it all on my own, I cant stick to one thing more than a week if it has no urgency.
    I don’t know how writing a book works or even a story. saw some very vague tutorials, who gave me an impression, but I don’t have any authors present in my social Surroundings, so there is no one I can come with my specific questions.

    In best case scenario, I’d love to meet someone I can tell my story ideas and who likes them as much as I do and discusses them with me while working them out together. Since I just got the base ideas of the settings of the story and maybe a few vague and debateable plot points, I’m not that possessive of that kind of work.
    But as much as I read about it, I saw what a commitment this could be for both sides and this scares me a bit, to be honest.
    I’m not a native English speaker, so my writing style there comes nearly exclusively from writing longer text emotes in DnD style online roleplay games. Fancy but grammatically not very worked out well, since you don’t get feedback usually on how the times and the types of past were used properly.

    Hope to find some new friends here who can introduce me into the wonderful wolds of their stories in their mind that they put to paper. Have a wonderful day,


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