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    It was a cold winter night the day we met, we were both shaking and in need of some warmth so we built a fire
    We sat on the same log, sitting a pace a part, and with every passing minute
    Closer and closer we sat
    His laugh was carefree, his posture relaxed, but his eyes held secrets, /I didn’t know then /I didn’t know though I didn’t know it then
    It was getting warmer, so first I removed my scarf, then my coat and last my precious beanie hat
    All of a sudden, he smoothly got up took out the fire and bade me farewell
    Now don’t get me wrong, it is his choice, to stay or to go
    But when he sent me back to that cold winter night
    He still wore his winter jacket, his scarf, his mittens
    While I was left defenseless against that cold night
    After the shock I put on my beanie and my scarf
    I put on my winter coat and buttoned it all the way to the top
    That day I swore
    Never again will I take my coat off

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    Too long lines to be verses, but I’m not sure I caught a rhythm for a prose poetry either…

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