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    This is a Christmas story by my brother and I. We would love your feedback!


    Jeffery Jones

    “SASSY!, SERGEANT, CAN YOU HEAR ME?” “I felt a hand on my shoulder, shaking gently, but firmly in an attempt to rouse me. I also felt a sudden shock of intense pain shoot through my entire body from bottom to top, contracting the muscles in my back, causing it to arch against the weight of the other hand on my abdomen.” “Sassy, it’s Specialist Thomas, can you hear me?” “The voice was clear now and I fought harder to open my still rough and dry eyes. Prea… Preacher… is that you?” “As my eyes tentatively responded and slowly opened, the blurred silhouette of her figure started to emerge and began to clear.” “Preacher is it really you?” “Yeah Sassy, its really me, and I’m right here with you,” she said soothingly. “I could see her more distinctly now, the features of her face well-defined even in the dim light.” “Preacher, are we… are we dead? I struggled to get the question out, partly because of the pain, and partly because I was afraid of the answer.” “Preacher looking me directly in the eyes responded, “No Sassy, you’re not dead. You are very much alive.”” “Her words where accompanied by a slight encouraging smile, and a soft diffused glow that seemed to surround her.” “It had a calming effect on me, and I surprisingly felt somewhat safe.” Another jolt of intensifying pain also served as inexplicable proof of life.”

    Continue reading this fictional, but truly inspirational story…


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