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    I once saw a Buzzfeed video explaining why using tinder is okay, it labeled it as the “new age” way of dating. I agree, with all of the social media and apps we have it just makes sense to use an app to find our “special someone”. While swiping on tinder I often noticed the phrase “looking for a relationship”. After a lot of failed dates with people who chose to put this phrase in their profile it got me thinking… Maybe those people are not looking for someone specific, they might literally be “looking for a relationship”. Why does it matter? Well, they might find an okay date, with an okay personality and an okay connection. They might settle for that person, just to be in a relationship, or they might not feel what they think they are supposed to feel and cut something that could’ve grown… Those people don’t see the person, they see a picture, a dream, they see a blurry face but don’t really care.
    We should be looking for someone we want to spend our time with because being with them makes us happy, we shouldn’t be looking for someone to go through the motions with. We should be looking at the face of the person we are dating, not just at the joint hands.
    So, next time you are editing your profile instead of writing “looking for a relationship” try writing “looking for someone, just don’t know who it is yet”.

    Not sure if this is the place to post something like this, I’ve been looking for a place to share my writing and receive some feedback other than “it’s good” or “i agree”…
    I want some real criticism about my writing so do your worst (:

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