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    Heres a short Children’s book idea I wrote a while ago. All critiques welcome.

    There was a young dragon who lived in a cave,
    His scales white and silver and blue and dark gray.
    He could not blow fire. He had no great roar.
    He’d not learned to fly, so he crawled on the floor.

    His birth name was Legend, not a name he could choose,
    And it was not the name that the other kids used.
    They called him a bird, said he shouldnt have scales.
    Said he should have a nest in a tree on a hill.

    He wondered why he was given his name.
    He’s not bold like a legend. He’s gentle and tame.
    He did not fit in with his serpenty race,
    So he sought to find friends in a different place.

    He walked from the cave and he traveled far east.
    He walked and walked till scales fell from his feet.
    He was worn and so tired and had walked his last.
    So he huffed and collapsed on a hill by the path.

    He rested a while and during his sleep
    A curious lion came and sniffed at his feet.
    Legend awoke with a jolt and a shake
    And the lion jumped back from the shuddering snake.

    Why are you afraid? the lion inquired.
    You could burn me alive with one roar of your fire.
    Legend shrank and collapsed and said with a scowl,
    I have no great roar. I can’t even meow.

    The lion had pity on the serpent, so weak.
    He thought for a second then jumped up to speak.
    I can do it! He yelped! I’ll teach you to roar!
    You’re lucky to meet me. My name is Lore

    Legend jumped up grinning from end to end.
    Oh, Lore if you could, well always be friends!
    And my name is Legend. I’m glad that we me.
    Teach me to roar and I’ll be in your debt.

    So the two worked hard for weeks and for weeks.
    The dragon, the student, while the lion did teach.
    It took quite a while, but slowly and sure.
    The lion name Lore taught the dragon to roar.

    Then Lore had a thought. Why not come with me?
    I’ll take you to join our cat family!
    But Im not a lion. Legend said to his friend.
    I belong with dragons, and not in a den.

    So they set off together, they’re journey’s begun,
    both talking and laughing and roaring for fun.
    One day they both rested in the shade of a tree
    to escape from the sunshine and fiery heat.

    They both were awakened, but not from the sun’s heating,
    But hopping and pecking and singing and tweeting.
    A little red she-bird was shocked at the sight
    of a lion and dragon asleep side by side.

    Hello! said the bird What a curious scene.
    A lion and dragon together asleep?
    The dragon stood up and the lion did too,
    We’re friends, said the dragon, Who are you?

    Well I am named Bird, and what are your names?
    I am Legend, And I’m Lore. Nice to meet you the same
    Good to meet you Legend and Lore the lion.
    So Dragon, I wonder, would you care to go flying?

    Again the beast shrugged and a frown did appear.
    In his heart grew much sadness. In his eyes grew much fear.
    I cannot fly, though my wings are quite ready.
    But I have not learned how to use them correctly.

    The bird had pity on the snake she’d just met.
    She though for a moment, then tweeted a bit.
    I have an idea, I’ll teach you to soar.
    Then we’ll all go flying. Yes, you, me, and Lore.

    Oh could you? said Legend, Ah! That would be grand!
    If you did, then forever, you would be my friend
    I will do my best. said the bird to the beast.
    And straight away she started to teach.

    It did take some doing, and a many great fails
    And Legend had bruises and bumps on his tail.
    But he did not give up and Bird taught him well
    and the lion encouraged every time the beast fell.

    Then late one evening, soon to be night
    The dragon jumped off a tree into flight.
    He flapped and he glided and soon was so high.
    He was finally free as he took to the sky.

    Bird flew to follow and Lore jumped and clapped
    Then the dragon dove to scoop the cat on his back.
    The three friends flew to a mountain to rest.
    And watched as the light disappeared in the west.

    The Bird tweeted out, You do fly so well.
    Come live with us birds. Oh that would be swell.
    But I’m not a bird. The dragons did plea,
    I belong with dragons, not up in a bird tree.

    After more months of travels, adventures, and quests
    The three agreed that going home would be best.
    So the flew and they flew till the reached Legends cave
    Where all dragons live and where Legend now stays.

    The dragons around all heard Legends roar.
    They watched him shoot fire, they watched as he soared.
    They all felt like birds compared to the beast
    And they all cheered and sang and had a great feast.

    So remember its not what others may say.
    Not what you are now, but who you’ll be someday.
    Its friends that will teach you and help you grow more,
    Like a friend named Bird or lion named Lore.

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