Is this an effective book blurb for a novel?

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    Hi. I need you thoughts.

    If you came across this book in a bookstore and read its blurb, is blurb effective enough to hook you?

    “John and Linda Applecot are on their first honeymoon night in Charleston, SC, when John suddenly comes down with the stomach flu. In a heavy downpour Linda leaves their hotel on Folly Beach to drive to a local drug store to get some medicine John but never returns. ~ As he always does at dawn, attorney Ed Brown jogs down Folly Beach, only this time he is stopped dead in his tracks when he encounters what he thinks is a mermaid who has fallen asleep on shore. But what Ed encounters is not a mermaid. It is a young woman, Linda Applecot, and she is not asleep. She is dead. The Charleston Police Department conducts a full investigation, but clues into Linda’s death are far in between until one day Ed is confronted by John Applecot who confesses to the murder of his late wife, but, there is one problem—Ed does not buy it.”

    I would appreciate your thoughts or suggestions.

    Thanks 🙂

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