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    Okay, got home, saw there were supposedly two new topics/responses posted supposedly within the last 8 hours and….


    If there actually were posts, where are they? And if they were, for some reason, deleted, why do they still show up on the main page?

    Can we PLEASE have a working forum again?

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    Amen to that. I’ve been having the same frustrating experience.


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    Rob Vargas

    There have been some spammy posts that I’ve dealt with. I hope they weren’t the announced posts. If they are, then add another… idiosyncrasy… to the list for these forums.


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    Rob – obviously not your fault so nothing you need to apologize for. It’s just very frustrating seeing supposed posts and then not knowing if they were something that could have sparked a lively discussion or if they were just spam – all because they simply aren’t there.

    (the least the WD team could do is get rid of that damn captcha thing)

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    I am such a tech Neanderthal that I didn’t even see the message about posts that were non existent. It’s akin to my e mail from Spectrum. They send me letters which bear dates in 2035. This is like an episode from the Twilight Zone. But then again the idea that Trump is prez seems to be a dystopian fabrication from a horror show.

    The captcha thing is practically unedurable. My vision ain’t so hot and sometimes I have to submit something three times till it is accepted.

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    The captcha thing is practically unedurable. My vision ain’t so hot and sometimes I have to submit something three times till it is accepted.

    Exactly. If we’re members (ie, been “vetted”) I see no reason for it at all. Someone posting for the first time (who could, therefore, be a spammer or troll) – sure.

    But then I’m not sure who are members and who aren’t any more, since everyone is just designated a “participant”.

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    Yes, for God’s sake get rid of the Captcha nonsense. It’s just one more thing to annoy, frustrate, and discourage “participants” from posting.


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    T. A. Rodgers
    Senior Moderator

    I looked around thinking they could be hidden responses that needed approval. Nadda…

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    Well, Terry, supposedly you posted something in the Writer’s Block area 3 days and odd minutes ago – click on it and I ended up on a post from Aug 17.

    If nothing else, coming to the Forums is kind of a new age trip to Wonderland – except it seems to be nothing but Cheshire cats…

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    I find that replying to a post requires an approval by someone first before it appears.

    But just adding a post at the end is immediately visible.

    Just a quirk of the software and how it was set it I guess.

    I feel your pain for the captcha code issues. Some sites give an alternative to hear the letters not just try to see what they are while being hidden from chatbots that might be able to reply if the answer were shown clearly.

    At least we don’t have to go through endless pages of pictures picking out the ones that fit the given criteria.

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