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    Hello all! I am new to Writer’s Digest but not necessarily writing. I think like most people here it has always been something we just do, to me, it is an urge as natural as breathing. I minored in Creative Writing in college (major was in English Literature) and then went on to get my graduate degree in Library Science (the theme of my formal education is books, books, books). I now work as a Reference Librarian and Information Literacy Instructor at a community college in my home region of Southeastern Kentucky.

    I love to write YA Fiction, fantasy and sci-fi, but I have lately been dabbling in literary fiction and non-fiction relating to Appalachia, especially since Hillbilly Elegy hit the bestseller list although the author had many factual inaccuracies about the Appalachian town he described (my hometown and current residence). I would like to help shift the narrative he and so many others force on our people.

    My current major project is a YA Fantasy titled Changeling in which a princess born with a prominent facial birthmark is switched at birth with a servant child born the same night out of fear that the Queen or the child itself would be accused of being a witch. I set the story on the eve of the witchhunt hysteria that gripped Europe during the 1400s after the publication of the Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches). I am about halfway through the first draft.

    My intention in joining Writer’s Digest and especially for posting in the forums is to improve my writing, network with other writers at my experience level and above, and in general find a community that understands The Struggle.

    Also, dem emojis need some serious updating.

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    Welcome to the forums. We are waiting with anxious breath on a new forum website. No date set yet.

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