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    I write alternate historical fiction, paranormal suspense, thrillers and supernatural romance under the pseudonym Vortigern Black.

    I have written thirteen novels since January 2014 and am currently working on several others. 😳 (sigh) I’m leery of mentioning this as this is usually the point where I have someone tell me that I’m boasting. That is not my intent. I’m merely making a statement of fact so people can understand better where I’m coming from and why I’m here seeking advice. I didn’t even realize this was considered what’s apparently called “prolific?” until recently. Before then, I’d never even heard of the word. I had to look it up.

    I attempted to self-publish some of my stories under Vortigern Black as well as another pseudonym, but am concerned that I may have done so hastily. 🙄 I am hoping to gain some advice regarding these works, partly because I can’t keep up on attempting to advertise so many on my own, and because I’ve recently been informed I need to make some changes to them by my very helpful peers at my Writers Group. Which is what I’ve been attempting to do for the past six months and why I pulled them from Amazon. I’m wondering if that advice was helpful or whether it may have been more destructive. 😕 I also look forward to learning better ways to write here hopefully as well, so I hope I will be accepted among the masses.

    Thank you for reading my blather! LOL

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    Welcome to the forums.

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