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    Hidey-ho once again, I’ve returned. Kind of sort of: my oldest has left the nest, I’ve finished up at the university for a year or two, my youngest is about to leave the nest this summer. I was Shorty, the ShortyMe previously here in the forums.

    Yes, I still have the jealous as all hell ex from hell, the same one who spoof-called my private nonpublished immediately only family cellphone AND my public use family cellphone number. He’s done & gotten away with so much garbage over the years that the last thing he got away with was in spring of 2014 wherein he tried to pickup a 10 year old girl two blocks from my home on a day he decided to take my then 16 year old daughter for unapproved & not court-agreed visitation the local pd “investigated” and then let it go even after it was an in-uniform but off-duty sheriff who caught him at it

    after which he decided to stick to hacking my computer and also spamming the argh out of me that I’ve changed email addresses to get away from it. Oh, and in my last posting here in the forums, was an article I was working on/needed tips for tweaking for an aritcle writing class I was taking up at the univesity, about a young Saudi friend of mine who’s family wants her dead for something not many of you may have heard about –apostasy. An update on that: her asylum case was finally approved this past June, and she received her paperwork about it in July!!!!!! YEAH!!! 🙂

    I am digging back into my writing once again, more seriously, bits & pieces of dabbling in it here and there aren’t cutting it, of course. So, without further ado, I await approval to jump back into the deep end again!
    I first request on 2/28 wasn’t responded to nor can I find it, so I thought I’d better re-post here but be more direct due to the ex-factor and his tactics he’s used over the years & some of which he still uses since, I took my kids & got help leaving him through the local domestic violence shelter in 2003. I’ve absolutely had it and I’m not scared of him (anymore).

    It’s good to be back in the forums! (and working on my 2018 garden plans, outline, diagramming of, in advance of indoors seed planting which I’ll be starting later this month!)
    Writers Ahoy 🙂
    Diana (I answer to Diane too, nickname)

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    Welcome back to the forums, Diana.

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