I have a seed, but don’t know what plant it will be…

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    Morning all,

    As the Subject suggests, I have the seed of an idea, but I don’t know what I want to do with it. Right now my idea is more like a mist that I can see, but can’t grab, or the promise of a good idea, but not a solid idea yet.

    I have written a page worth of “What If” questions, and whilst they are all really good ideas, and all plausible, I’m not seeing anything jump out that I can really tie together to help me confirm the premise of my story. Nearly all these What If’s would each send a story in a completely different direction to the next idea. There’s not really one idea that flows well into the next.

    I was wondering if you could all share some tips or exercises with me to try help the idea grow into something more tangible.

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    Just go with what your gut tells you.

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    Basically I just start writing and let the idea grow organically. Too much over-thinking can kill even the best of those seedlings 😉

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    Do you read a lot? If not, books are the textbooks for writers.

    Outlining may help you get started.

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    Maybe let it sit for a while and work on something else. Oftentimes the right idea will come to you spontaneously!

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    I like to do a free write file on my pc. I place all of my ideas and thoughts into a file and I save it for later. What I do with it every session is I check it before I start a writing and spend about 10 to 20 minutes adding to it to supplement the ideas or adding new ideas and thoughts. Even if they don’t get used they are there and recorded. I like this idea because if something doesn’t get used for one story it could still have potential for another. Even still if it never gets used its there to help inspire. Its a great exercise for me, I place conversations in there, plot ideas, outlines for stories short or long ideas, characters, names, whatever the sky is the limit.

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    Try thinking backward. What kind of ending do u want? Then what are the effects that would cause that ending?? Then keep going backward.

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