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    I am introducing myself. I would like to be a member of this community and to have the privilege of posting and responding to comments and queries.

    I think I was once on this site, in connection with another e mail address, but I am having trouble using that account. (The technical difficulties are tedious and complicated and I’ll spare you the intricate and boring story)

    I have only gotten stuff publiished sporadically. I have written several hundred pages of essays about all sorts of things (politics, sexuality, academia, theology, etc.). I have spawned one novel (It’s either a cornucopia of genius or grounds for immediate admission to a mental institution). In addition, I’ve written several hundred poems, most of which are rhymed, rhythmic and easily accessible to anyone with a moderately high intelligence. Also, I’ve composed many comical and satiric essays about people and places I remember.

    My objective is simple: I hate anonymity. I want to get published big time (Yes, I know I have millions of other people competing with me and that I sound like a vain, immature a-hole.) Fame or infamy — I’ll take what I can get. (This is in part an attempt at humor; I am really sane, toilet-trained and sedate enough to take to Mother)

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    Welcome to the forums.

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