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    Since our relaunch in February 2016, we’ve gained a wonderful, varied slate of award-winning scripts and writers, many of which have now completed their year of free script development as we prepare them and their writers for the pitching process.

    Check out the full article here:

    Then enter our latest contest now, or enter our next one early by purchasing a consultancy service, to get the benefit of our decades of industry experience into YOUR project.

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    This fits within a “Recommended Resources” conversation?

    I may be alone in my opinion, but this looks more like advertising than discussion.

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    Congratulations John. Rob is correct, so I’m moving this to Success Stories.

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    I’m a new member and not a screen writer, but I took a look.

    I have to admit I don’t understand what it is the business does or what issues are “confidential details” that can’t be revealed or why that is an issue mentioned in a public blog article.. Is the business an agency (“… have been pitching scripts to the industry…”) or a coaching service that charges for reading, editing, proofing, etc. screenplays?

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