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    Hi, so I’m a newbie writer, I use to write short stories for fun and let my friends, family and coworkers read them. Finally I’ve decided to write a book, it’s a supernatural/drama (more drama) problem is I’m feeling unsure about my characters nearly all are supernatural. I don’t have any experience writing supernatural characters though, I get stuck at writing about their abilities, after exhausting Google searches, I figured going to the library and reading about classic mythical beings would be a good idea and it’s helped a bit. However I can’t find really any information about telepathic and telekinesis being used by the same being? One of the characters is a Demigod and has telepathy and telekinesis, but I’m not sure if telepathy is the right word, because they can’t read minds, but can see images of peoples memories. Also how do you keep a character from being over powerful with both abilities? Is it possible?

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    First, make sure you understand the terms before deciding your character doesn’t match – telepathy is the transference of thoughts/ideas from one mind to another without using known senses. Why wouldn’t picture of their memories fit that?

    As to keeping them from being too powerful, well, how do authors keep any character from being overly anything? They take a step back and look critically at what they’ve written. If things get too easy for the hero (or conversely, too difficult), then something needs to be reined in.

    The big question is: Why can’t you make up your own rules? Why find someone else’s description of how telepathy and telekinesis work in the same being? YOU decide how it works. That’s the great thing about writing – the author is in charge of things. 😉

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    Okay found more information that “non-verbal” thoughts is a thing. Also I’m not looking for someone else’s description, just doing research, looking to understand both telepathy and telekinesis and how to seamlessly blend the two abilities together. After digging around online I found some helpful articles. 🙂 Thanks.

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    Do plenty of research and then add your own corks to it.

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    I do advocate reading “The Talented Ribkins,” by Ladee Hubbard. It might expand your idea of what a novel about supernatural characters might look like.

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    Mythology is a perfect start to look too.

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