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    Writing isn’t just a creative process, it is also a workmanship and a joinery that lies beneath the surface of a novel. Writing is a craft, and like any craft, the end product is dependent on more than just the finished piece. That is where technology comes in and can make a difference to actually help you write a better novel.

    In this article you’ll read about 7 ways that an algorithm can help you write a better novel. The first step is fighting your addiction to glue words and overly sticky sentences. Did you know that most sentences have 30% more words than necessary?

    The second step is strengthening your vague or abstract words. An editing tool will give you a list of all the vague and abstract words you have used in your writing and suggest similar words that are stronger or more concrete. Third is using more adverbs, since they can occasionally be useful, and even indispensable!

    Fourth is assessing the variety of length in your sentences followed by de-tagging your dialogue, re-evaluating your use of the passive voice, and finally, de-cluttering your writing by cutting redundant expressions.

    Read the full story here

    7 ways an algorithm can help you write a better novel

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    I suppose if one uses it only as an aid (like spellchecker – you know you still have to do your own checking after), it could spot a few things. But unfortunately, people tend to treat algorithms as gods – and in art, that can result in terrible results.

    The best editing tool I’ve ever found is reading what you’ve written out loud. It’s not quick, it’s not easy, it’s not “automatic” – but I prefer maintaining my own imprint on the story.

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    I wish I had an algorithm to help me write. 🙂

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