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    Hi, I’m trying to create a website (I feel weird doing it as an unpublished author, but I hear it’s recommended for everyone) and I was wondering if it’s something worth mentioning in cover letters when I submit stories to publishers. I would think I should if was an extensive website with a large following, but mine is probably going to be nothing special, just a basic WordPress site with a few pages for things like contact info and my biography, so I don’t know if it’s something important if they don’t consider it important. And if they did, I guess they could search for it on Google, at least assuming it can be found, since I don’t understand stuff like SEO. Do they go check out author’s websites wanting to know if they have a following? I’m wondering how you would show that you have one, and what you would do if you don’t have any sort of a following like me. Thanks, and sorry for the long-winded series of questions.

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    Yes, I think it would help to have a website. If you can post interesting content on there and draw visitors to your site with that content, you might be able to get them to sign up for your email list (which will be helpful whenever its time to launch your book). Any and all social media presence will also look good when you pitch your book to publishers (or literary agents). So the more followers you can show on twitter, FB, and other sites, the better. Good luck!

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