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    My primary goal during this Christmas holidays was to begin writing book #3, but instead I have found myself hopelessly pre-occupied on marketing/promotion activities related to my 2 existing books. Specifically, I’ve dedicated my free time thus far to working on my upcoming speeches that I’m scheduled to give this spring (which I’m excited about, but also a bit nervous). I can’t seem to focus on book #3 when I face a deadline in 3 weeks to create a brand new 1.5 hour speech related to my first book (college teaching tips) that I’ll be presenting at the college (where I currently teach) in late January and again at a huge college teacher conference in early March, plus I’ll be giving another speech 3 other times this spring related to my 2nd book (a self-publishing guide), but luckily I’ve already written and given that speech multiple times. Plus I’m also doing all the normal things related to marketing my first two books, including spending time on social media, creating and running ads for Amazon, FB, etc., entering book contests, etc.

    To those who are able to successfully balance your time on writing your next book and promoting your existing books, how do you do it? Do you have a daily schedule that you follow or do you stop all/most book promotion activities while you work on the next book?

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    I found myself having to get up an hour earlier than I normally would and dedicate that time to writing. For me, that hour equates closer to 40 minutes of time but hey… some is better than none.

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    Good tip, Brien. Thanks! Now I just need to find the discipline to get up early. 🙂

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    I have found that I’m most productive at home when I follow the same pattern I have at work – multiple tasks assigned priorities and scheduled accordingly. Daily tasks (like book promotion) could either be done once a day (eg, in the morning so it’s done and over with) or as breaks from other required tasks (two hours on new book, twenty minutes on promotion, back to book). Another way is to figure out your daily rhythm – when is your brain best at creative work versus “factual” (writing the book versus balancing the checkbook), for example. Look at past patterns for success and failure.

    Yeah, I know, that’s a bit more theoretical than you asked for, but after being a single parent taking care of my parents and working full-time, yeah, time management gets to be an obsession. 🙄

    I’m also going to recommend to all looking at a book coming out in January called “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” by Daniel Pink. I’ve seen him on a couple interviews and his ideas/theories have definitely caught my attention, and hopefully the book is at least as good as his interviews. 😉

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