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    The roar of a propeller engine sounded over from where I was hiding, curled up in a crannie on the hill. The nervousness swept through my body, eclipsing all my other senses. Would I be caught? What would happen? Is my mom okay? ….. My inner monologue was interrupted by the sounds of gunshots. Another roar of an engine, the gunshots got more frequent, the cacophony built up, all individual sounds extinguished and assimilated by the menagerie of noise. I squeezed my eyes shut. Then, distinct from all the other sounds, a dull, low explosion. The cave shook and light blasted my eyes through my eyelids. The light died out. The roar of the engines resumed once again, no longer one among a sea of noises. They were the only sound i could hear. Eventually, I gathered the courage to open my eyes as the engine’s sound faded away. I crawled out of the little cave I had been hiding in. The rubble at the bottom of the hill, once the town of Portland, smoldered. I quickly climbed up the hill. So this is what the Fire Marshal talked about. I thought. I could barely think, let alone face the grim reality of what just happened. The Kyūkyoku no bakudan, The Ultimate Bomb. I had reached the top of the hill. I looked over the once-city of Portland to the ocean. A faint blue line seemed to approach from the horizon, as the tides pulled out of the bay, leaving most of it bare. I concentrated. What was one of the side effects of the bomb? I tried to remember from the mind-numbingly boring lessons. What was that word? The blue strip came more into focus now. It was a giant wave, at least five stories high. Tsunami, that was the word. Then the reality of it hit me. If I did not move now, it would hit me, and I would die.
    My eyes wandered over to the mountain range behind me. I dashed towards it, up and down the rows of hills. After about ten minutes, I stopped to rest and looked behind me. The wave had doubled in height. I closed my eyes to calm myself, and gathered the strength to resume my all-out dash towards the mountain. I sensed as I start to walk on rockier and harder ground. I looked up. I was two meters from the cliff. I
    collapsed, panting. The wave doubled again. With immense difficulty, I started to climb. About once every five minutes, I turned around. Every time, a jolt of panic flashed through me. I carefully maneuvered my feet of the steep slope of rock. Along the way, i had picked up a long, thick stick to poke at the rocks to check if they were steady. I spotted an outcropping ahead of me and mentally charted the path there. The first step on the path up was a large, granite rock with gravel on the top of it. It looked safe, but I poked the wooden stick at it anyway. It was safe. In a burst of ecstasy, I jumped to it, and looked at the next step, which was a crevice embedded in the wall. There was no easy way to test this one…. I was at least 200 meters above the ground. If I fell, I would die. I closed my eyes and stepped into it. My other foot rose and then…. It landed on solid ground. I opened my eyes and wrenched my foot out of the crevice. I set the timer on my watch. Three minutes of rest. I closed my eyes so as not to see the wall of water approaching me. I suddenly realized I was crying. And not from the wall of water approaching me, or the physical exertion from climbing. I was just completely alone. For the first time in my life, i was alone. My father was fighting in the War, and my Mother… and my brother… a-and everyone else i knew was dead. There was some hope. I told myself. My dad might not be dead… he could be coming back to base. I let the tears pour down my face, washing my mud-caked face. And then, my watch let out a loud noise. The timer was up. With an immense effort, I stood up, grabbed my stick, and poked the next rock above me. I climbed up into it. I repeated the pattern climbing….. And climbing…. And climbing. The ground started to flatten out. I started walk normally instead. Suddenly, the ground sloped down. I was at the peak! I yelled in ecstasy. Then, at the very moment, I remembered why I had climbed. I turned around. The tsunami was minutes away from striking. I slid down the opposite side of the slope, and crawled into a small cave on the opposite side. I wept again, squeezed up in the cave. I looked down at my now wet and dirty watch. It was only one hour since the bomb hit. The watch stopped. The steady, calming, tick-tock ceased. The only sound i could here was the water rushing, moving, crashing. Then, with an earth-shaking crash, the wave hit. I got thrown across the cave as the water rushed past the exit, over the mountain. Only a few buckets-full entered the cave. I woozily looked around, struggling to see, to stay awake, to move…… and then, everything went black.

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    NOTE- I dont know if this counts as horror or not, so I dunno

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