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    Hello from suburban Philadelphia!

    At almost 57 years old, I am just now taking up creative writing — primarily as a hobby but maybe it will go somewhere! First things first 😉 I always remember wanting to be a writer as a kid and don’t know why I didn’t follow through.

    I have a few questions (and am sure more will be added!). I am taking an online course at udemy.com [deleted] and one of the suggestions he makes is to get index cards to organize thoughts, etc. My challenge is I have a laptop and not a whole lot of table space to spread them out (I guess I could use the floor). Are there any apps, website or tools I could use instead, or is there a definite advantage in going “low tech”?

    Also, do any of you write on google docs? I find that although my laptop has storage and/or I could use a thumb drive I worry about my hard drive/thumb drive going bad and then all my work is lost.

    Any other suggestions and or helpful websites/posts etc are certainly welcome! I am trying to start this while working a full time job, so this is a challenge.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Welcome to the forums. I work about 2 blocks from City Hall but live in Delaware.

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