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    Hi am am new here. I am a hobby writer for fun only. But I decided to do something with it. So I made a youtube channel where I publish my amature writing as audio books. Me reading into my camera. Now you don’t get to se me, don’t worry. Instead I found some fitting pictures to look at.

    What I write is fantasy cult horror. Cruel and ugly typ i might say. Its all short storys but they are all connected into a bigger fantasy saga. I decided I would make them all independent so you don’t need to follow them chronological. But they all hame something to do with each other.

    In any case I hope it is okey to post and give youtube links here? It might be some place in this forum where I can do that? some sort of self publishing area? if all this sounds okey please make my name blue. 😀

    If you wonder why youtube. well my spelling is really bad, still like writing somehow …

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    Welcome to the forums.

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