Here I swear I will finish this book someday!

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    You can call me Thorn. It’s not my real name. I don’t relate to my real name so the less people call me that the better.

    I’m 19. I don’t write for money; I write because I have a story to tell. Because writing makes me happy.

    I am aroace so there is little to no romance in my story. Romance will be replaced with friendship and family love. If you can’t even return your parents’ love and treasure your friends who truly care for you, what gives you the right to date people left and right without regard to the feelings of those in your life who’re waiting for your attention?

    Sorry, I love talking about philosophy, deep, meaningful topics and can lose myself sometimes.

    I only do creative writing. No articles, blogs, essays, whatsoever.

    Currently working on a high fantasy series. Planning for it to be at least 7 books possibly more.

    I’m good with characters but not so much with plot and setting.

    Would appreciate if anyone would bother to be my writing partner. 😎

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    Welcome to the forums.

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