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    My name is Rick and I am a new member here. I enjoy reading books like everyone else on this platform- I assume, and I would like to be a writer one day.However, there are ghosts in my mind and I cannot put them to rest and write.There is something intimidating about the process of writing even if the urge has become unavoidable. Is there anyone here who feels the way I do? What are your suggestions if you have been in my shoes?

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    Rob Vargas

    Hi, Rick. Welcome to the Writers Digest forums.

    In some ways, writing is an act of courage. For me, there’s something intimate and intense about taking these stories and characters in my head and putting them on paper.

    I don’t have any hard evidence, but I think you’re far from alone in your feelings. I think the key is to have some self-confidence. I’ve started realizing that my stories want to be told.

    I may never be good enough to get published. But even if that’s true, each time I put pen to paper, I’m creating something that didn’t exist until I wrote, until I made it. That’s kind of exciting, really.

    Trust yourself. Trust your story. Let it out. I can’t promise you success. But I can promise that you’ll never succeed if you don’t at least try.

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    I agree 100% with Rob. When I put a story on paper, I create a world–a world that up to that moment existed only in my imagination. There is no feeling quite like that. Maybe the story will be published, maybe (even if it isn’t) others will enjoy reading it. That would be nice. But the main thing is, I created a world. A world that now exists even if no one ever reads it. It’s almost a godlike experience.

    So go ahead. Fire up that computer and start to write. Let the story take you where it wants to go. Get to know your characters. And write, write, write.


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    Rob and Warren, thanks to both of you for taking out the time and writing back to me.

    I am trying to muster more courage as I write. Perhaps, only by writing repeatedly I will be able to bury school-teacher-looking-over-your-shoulder stress that I am sure plagues others as much as it plagues me.


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    writing can be learned !

    unfortunately most k12 and even unis do not teach writing at all
    they focus on low level grammar and proofreading

    @ostarella will vehemently disagree but the best way to learn to write is to learn how to organise and think logically

    @robjvargas will try to censor me because he disagrees too and because he at cant stand any opinion that disagrees with his beliefs

    forget pantsing!

    read books on how to organise your thoughts
    read books on how to architect a plot

    and then hone your skills with practice

    what is sure is that aimless writing without knowing HOW to write will only lead to frustration

    use a template to help you plot
    consider dramatica pro or similar guide to help fill in the details of the plot

    consider other tools to help you keep your thoughts organised
    outline4D is one choice. some folks like scrivener. or do it with paper and pencil if you prefer but whatever do plan and organise before you write.

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    He’s baaaaaack….

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