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    Hello everyone…
    I was delighted to discover this great online message forum. I’ve been seeking an active alive message forum board where I can meet fellow writers who care and are as serious about writing as I am, where we can all share and give and receive feedback, input, and helpful constructive criticism, and enjoy positive helpful interaction. It seems as if I may have found this here, at least I hope so. hehe 😉 Looks like a great message forum and I look forward to meeting other writers here and learning something new. Thanks for this great forum. I’m definitely in need of some help, feedback, and ideas and I’m receptive, providing no one is too cynical or jaded. 🙂 I’ll post some more as soon as I have a few moments.

    Thank you.

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    Angela Roquet


    You made it! Your intro captured exactly how I felt after discovering this forum. You won’t be disappointed… Believe me!

    I, myself, am still feeling my way around da joint. But you sound a hell of a lot more intelligent and confident then me, so you should have no problem.



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    Kyle Bartletta

    Greetings D.A. You’re right, this is a good place to be; you’ll find a lot of help and advice, as well as opinions, and discussions on all aspects of writing, and just about every other subject as well — as long as it’s PG rated. Welcome.

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    Where in N. Central Florida are you? I spent four years in Gainesville. Now I live in Sanford, just north of Orlando. Tell me about you.

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