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    You can call me Laeril (pronounced Lie-ril because that’s how Sindarin works and I’m a huge nerd). I am a twenty-nine-year-old woman with Asperger’s and all sorts of fun mental illness stuff going on in my brain. I’ve been reading for basically my whole life (I honestly can’t remember how I learned, and by first grade, I was reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books without any sort of trouble), and writing fiction since I was about ten. Most of my writing at the moment leans towards fanfiction, but I have a lot of original fiction ideas that I’m toying around with in my head that I hope to eventually publish.

    Other facts that shape this writer’s paradigm include but are not limited to:
    Being raised LDS in Florida
    Living in Utah County as a nearly thirty single woman (avg. marrying age for a woman here is twenty-three)
    Limited romantic experience and distaste for straight romantic literature (sorry, Jane Austen)
    Being a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy
    A big interest in the culture of East Asia, both ancient and modern

    I hope to have a lot of good experiences with everyone here while we all work towards that holy grail of writing; being published!

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    Welcome to the forums.

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