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    Hi everyone!

    I am excited to share this news link about my upcoming thriller, Gun Kiss. It’s scheduled to be released in December.

    If you’d like to be kept updated, please let me know as I am also planning to launch a Facebook party with prizes (books) to be won. Thanks.

    Kind wishes,

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    I hope you get an amazon page soon so we can read about the book. All I could find was an mp3 with a similar name.

    The link failed on my pc. Error message said it unexpectedly closed the connection at the link you gave.

    I would like to know how you wrote it. How you prepared to be ready to write it. How you found an agent/publisher. Anything that is reflects what actually happened from idea to best seller.

    Did you just write and revise, did you plan a lot first, or did you use some intermediate method like is described in planners pantsers and the middle way at

    Did you just write and revise or did you take classes and read books first? Did you study writing in school as preparation for a career or do you just write for fun.

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    Thank you. The novel will be released on 1, December. My webpage is
    I wrote the novel every day for six months, then rewrote it several times. I usually work with a developmental editor, but in this case, I had two Beta readers assisting me. The final copy was then sent to a copy-editor.
    I do have an agent representing some of my rights, but I pitched the novel myself to several publishers. I received one offer that I couldn’t resist.
    I never took any writing classes. It was a trial and error all the way, especially in the case of my debut, Smokescreen. My background is journalism, but it did minimal to assist me in the realm of fiction, except in researching.
    I have no methods…no formula. I find it difficult to plan a story. I tried that, but it didn’t work for me. In this instance, I took six months to write Gun Kiss unlike my previous works. I can’t explain it; I didn’t get tired…pretty enthusiastic about the story so I kept going. I wasn’t sure how it’ll end as well, but I just kept going. Just focus on the story like the domino effect. Don’t make it complicated. Sub-plots are fine but don’t go disarray. It has to connect. Hope this helps.

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    I do have a link here, a uni-Amazon pre-order. You can read the synopsis there.


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