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    I’m retired from over 25 years as a government contractor and over 15 years in private industry. During much of that time I had to write computer documentation and government procedural documents for the systems for which I was an administrator. I used to tell people “I write government documentation by day and fantasy fiction by night… no retraining required.” Let me tell you about the “fantasy fiction” part.

    During a time when I was taking care of an ailing parent, I did a lot of reading, gravitating towards fantasy and sci-fi, both classics and more modern writers. At one point I got involved in a fantasy quadrology (? which spell-check seems not to like.) At the time, maybe 40 years ago, it was a four volume set costing about US $10 and it took up nearly six inches on my shelf. After a lot of gyrations and seemingly endless, pointless quests, I slogged my way through it to the end, at which point the author’s main point seemed to be “There is a little bit of good and a little bit of bad in each of us, and we need both to be whole.” The movie “The Dark Crystal” said that better and faster, but the story left a lot of different bad tastes in my mouth. For several days after that I felt rotten about having wasted my time on a poorly written series. I finally reached that moment when I told myself “Put up or shut up.” I will avoid naming the series or author. To me they were eminently forgettable. So I forgot about them.

    After the “Put up or shut up” moment, I bought a small computer that had limited word processing capabilities and started my magnum opus. (Which turned into a five-part series before I was done.) I was a fantasy gamer, D&D variant (not a Gary Gygax creation, but another fantasy world that one of my friends knew and liked). I subscribed to Writer’s Digest for a while and learned a lot of great tips, some of which I even consciously used. I have attempted to market the first member of the series but no sales so far. On the other hand, I have a couple of nice generic rejection letters.

    After a few years of computer upgrades, I am revisiting the work and hope to get some suggestions on a couple of fine points in modern writing treatments. Once my membership becomes accepted, I will post my questions in whatever section seems appropriate.

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    Welcome to the forums.

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