Got a part time job online. I don’t know what to do.

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    I got a part time job online for a foreign company that deals with content writing. Basically, I write articles on a daily basis ranging from 2-3 articles. It’s an easy job for me actually. My only concern is that I’ve been working for them for about a year now and yet they haven’t compensated me. They always mention that they will be giving us a raise but it never happens. Me and my colleagues have been emailing our concerns and what not but to no avail. What do I do with this?

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    If you’ve been working for them for a year without compensation, I’d say you’ve been had. Find a different job.

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      Aren’t they liable to pay me for the hours I’ve worked for?

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      Rob Vargas


      Aren’t they liable to pay me for the hours I’ve worked for?

      Yeah, maybe.


      From the sounds of things, the only way to make that clear is to take them to court and get a judgment in your favor. How much will that cost?

      And even if you get that judgment, then what? They haven’t paid you so far. So how do you collect? That, too, will cost.

      You may be right and still never see a penny. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the act of getting that money you’re owed might cost you more than the money itself.

      This is one of the harsh realities of online jobs and of being a contractor. You have rights, but you are the one that has to assert and act on them. No one’s going to do it for you. And, like any other action as an independent worker, that costs. If this “enterprise” is what we think it is, they count on that being too bothersome for anyone to pursue it.

      It’s well beyond time that you cut your losses. You do have rights here. As @ostarella said, you’re best off seeking legal counsel on that. But if you decide to go forward with this, it’s going to require money. It’s up to you to decide if you’re better off parting ways with this, or with getting what you believe you have coming to you.

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    You’d have to consult a lawyer, esp since this involves international law, but if you’ve waited a year without pay and continued to work for them…

    I’m at a loss why you continued with them after not getting paid – after the 2nd or 3rd article I’d have walked.

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    T. A. Rodgers
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    Did you sign anything? If you didn’t sign anything, then you basically agreed to give them free stuff.

    Also, going from zero to something doesn’t mean you received a raise. It just means you finally got paid.

    What kind of content do you write?

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    why did you keep writing when you were not paid for the first pieces?

    if it’s a foreign company your chances of getting paid are fat slim and none
    even if you spend a bunch on lawyers and get a judgement you wont collect.

    stop writing any content for them
    just send them invoices for what they owe you

    if you get paid, then run far away and find a usa company that is honest

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    I think you should leave this job because as you told that they are not giving any compensation for your work or you should try at some better places and being sure about your salary before start doing work. There is a good scope for a content writer, you can easily get a good job with a good salary.

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