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    I’ve been on and off this forum for many years, perhaps over ten years, I’ve never kept track. I had seen pls when he wasn’t an admin so many years ago. But all this time I never really got to know him, like all the other members I “met” here, we were just casual acquaintances.

    But in recent times, when the need was there, pls treated me with kindness, tolerance and respect. It takes a kind soul to treat a stranger thusly. I don’t know if Paul had any religion he adhered to, but I as a Catholic man will say, may God bless you Paul.

    I also remember mamamaia and was also saddened when Paul told me she had passed away a while back. mamamaia was always helpful and also a kind soul. And likewise I don’t know if mamamaia adhered to any religion, but may God bless mamamaia as well.

    All writers imprint a part of themselves inside their writing, and so all their readers will know a part of mamamaia and Paul through their writing. In this way writers achieve a kind of immortality.

    Goodbye my friend mamamaia, R.I.P.

    Goodbye my friend pls, R.I.P.

    Your friend, Dreaming Imrryr

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