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    Thanks, that is indeed a very interesting article.

    I have published a duology (historical fiction). Both e-books are priced at €4.99. I am thinking of following the advice in the article and permanently lowering the price of the first book to €0.99.

    However, in the article it is stated that putting a price tag of 99c on a book can also imply to the reader that your product is basically trash.

    Is it still worth the risk?

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    If you join Kindle Prime, you can do sales where you drop the price to .99 and still retain 70% of the sale.

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    Brien Sz wrote:
    > If you join Kindle Prime, you can do sales where you drop the price to .99
    > and still retain 70% of the sale.

    I’m not familiar with Kindle Prime. Is that part of the Kindle Select/Kindle Unlimited program or is it something totally different?

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    I’m sorry. Yes, Kindle Select/Unlimited. That’s what I meant.

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    I see. Thanks.

    BTW, I tried the tool that is mentioned in this article that gives you a chart showing how books similar to yours would earn royalties at different price points. The curious thing is that I printed out the chart for both of my books and they are identical and both suggest a $4.99 price for my eBooks. Now I’m curious if the chart is the same for all nonfiction books or do they actually compare your book to certain genre?

    In any case, after reading the above article I decided to experiment with pricing to see the impact on sales and total royalties. So I adjusted the pricing upwards a bit for both of my books (including the eBook and print book versions of each book). So far I’ve been happy with the results, but it has only been a week, so I’ll give it more time to see if the new pricing is truly better or not. I was fearful that going up on the prices would drastically reduce the # of my book sales, but so far that is not happening… again, it’s way too soon to draw any conclusions tho.

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