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    Hi guys! I found this cool writing club/ online chat. It’s called Scribes and Scribblers. They have weekly competitions, word sprinting/tracking, critique groups, and promotion of published authors. Just wanted to share because it’s really helped me become a better writer. 😀

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    Some people may click the link and find a wonderful site.

    As a cybersecurity professional, I flat out do not trust someone who, with their second post, tries to advertise for something on another site.

    My computer and the data in it are simply more valuable to me than to go somewhere like that, on the word of someone who hasn’t even taken the time to become an active part of this community.

    I will now consider this site to be dangerous, and will treat future posts about it as spam.

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    I’m sorry. Though, discord ( is a chat website/host (like IRC) and any link they create cannot be malicious in any way.

    Here is their privacy guidelines as well. You cannot get personal info or ip addresses in a discord chat.

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    I also don’t care to have pm’s sent to advertise this (or any other) site. That’s not, IMO, what we’re here for.

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    I received a PM yesterday about this as well. That is not what PM is for. Please do not PM people about these type of websites. Posting it here is fine. Let people decide if they want to go to it.

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    I think you’re in need of education on what chat and forum spam is.

    This is NOT a way to make your site a success.

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    This is not advertisement. I’ve personally used Scribes/Scribbler and it’s a very unique platform. Definitely worth a minute to check it out.

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    I joined now.

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