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    I’m moving comments here from a different thread ( ) so it doesn’t interfere with or discolor the original thread’s intent.

    From the original thread:


    You presume an awful lot that is not in evidence here.

    Nowhere did I say that I speak for WD.

    I don’t claim to know what goes on in the proverbial back office. I know that I once got caught doing 75 in a 55MPH zone. When the office saw I was on an empty highway less than a mile from my house, and that I owned up to my error, I didn’t get a ticket. No enforcement does not mean that a violation didn’t take place.

    Let’s add another presumption since we’re already up to four or five. This behavior violates no actual rule of the forums. That does not mean it’s not discourteous, nor perhaps unprofessional.

    Flame fight? I posted my opinion of the ACTION, not the contest. I posted my response to the behavior. And, besides, you don’t know whether I did or did not report it.

    You don’t see it. That’s fine. I do.

    1. I did not state or imply you spoke for Writer’s Digest. At all. No idea where you got that. Big obfuscation there.

    2. The discussion in not about why or how you or anybody else received a citation. Another bucket of obfuscation.

    3. When you presume, it does not make an a$$ of me. But, to address discourteous and unprofessional behavior, perhaps a hard look at your advertising, in every post you make, for your competing forum would reveal something of the motives for those posts. Perhaps a “Pot calling the kettle black” event. Even if you don’t see it, I do.

    4. What act are you so upset about? A post announcing a contest would be rather useless if the source of the contest was not included; wouldn’t you say? Why, I’d wager not even you could do that without violating your own rules of conduct. 😆

    5. DID you report the post for any reason?

    6. You directed your comments specifically and solely at me – twice – and made some rather outlandish assertions and statements, so, yeah, pretty much a flame. Maybe dial it back a bit?

    You’re still a relatively young man, at least compared to me, Rob the Third, aka Rob J Vargas, aka rob-lost (any more?), so have plenty of time to rave at nonexistent affronts. But you might enjoy that time a lot more if you got a handle on your anger and stopped the rants. At least at anonymous people you don’t know for problems that don’t exist.

    If I were a praying man I’d pray that all that pent up anger and frustration would be removed from you, but since I’m not much of a praying man, I won’t; I’ll just suggest you find a way to see the good that’s around you and stop trying to make others miserable. Maybe even get some outside help for living a less angry life.

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    I realize this is in the “take it outside” forum, but maybe we could refrain from personal disagreements on the forum. There are a lot of us here who remember a certain troll who made things very VERY disagreeable by turning everything into personal disagreements and we really don’t need that again.

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    @ostarella: I never know how to acknowledge something without sounding like I seek the last word.

    I recognize that he doesn’t see what I see. That’s fine. I’ve said my peace.

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    End of the food fight.

    I’ve been accused of being a troll, and ordered by one of the old hands to use private messaging to conclude this disagreement despite her knowledge that I can’t. so I’m just laying it out here.

    Another old hand, hiding under a new disguise, has personally attacked me, but I’m the bad guy. Not really sure if it’s because I offered some actual facts that put the publisher of an e-zine in a better light than he wanted or because I defended myself from his personal attack.

    The clique looks out for itself no matter what. Not unique to these forums, but always a disappointment.

    And the arena for settling these things – provided at no additional cost – is verboten to the new members.

    When I say something that offends someone else, I don’t get to decide if they’re offended. But guess what: neither do you when you’re the one offending.

    So, good bye, and my heartfelt wish is that this forum collapses completely sooner than later.

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    I’m sorry that you feel you need to leave simply because you were asked not to turn the forum into a personal arena, Mike. (And I certainly didn’t accuse you of being a troll). I told you I would convey the PM problem and I did. The alternative to moving the “festivities” to PM was to drop it. It does, after all, take two to fight.

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    I don’t understand what I did that turned this so personal. Yes, I responded directly to the other person. Although I misspelled his name, I don’t consider that a challenge, angry, or even upset. To me, that’s courtesy.

    I have opinions that I know aren’t majority ones. I’m okay with others not agreeing. I thought a question was asked that was not meant to be rhetorical. So I answered with my own point of view. In fact, I acknowledged that others didn’t see it as I see it. Twice. I also said there was nothing wrong with not seeing what I see.

    I don’t understand how the other person took that as a personal affront. I *do* understand why that person sought to “move” the discussion away from the original thread. But I’d already made my position (I thought) clear.

    I also don’t understand where that other person saw anger, directed at him or otherwise. I don’t believe that I called anyone names, nor denigrated anyone. I didn’t say anyone was anything for agreeing, or not agreeing, with me.

    I get that writing is something that comes from our heart. But publishing is a business. I have professional standards in that context. If someone does not meet those standards, I don’t do business with them. I don’t take it personal, and hope that they don’t either. I don’t say that my standards are better than other standards. Just that they are mine.

    So I’ll probably never find out, since the other person flounced. But… I don’t get it.

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    Well, obviously there was a problem in communications. I never called him a troll, and I suggested (quite politely, I thought) that such arguments (ie, getting personal) didn’t need to be on the forum.

    Good reminder for all, however, to remember that we should not only take care how we post, but how we read those posts. Assume good intentions, etc. We’ve all been there, on both ends of it, so…

    ‘Nuff said I think. 🙂

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