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    I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on writing in first person in a fantasy story? Like, can you picture a Lord of the rings type book written in first person, or does that just not work?

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    I think it would be pretty difficult. There were so many parts of the story that were intertwined, and the reader really did have to know so many of those things in order to keep up. I would think you’d end up with a lot of “interviews” and “fortuitous discoveries of ancient texts” by the POV character, and considering how much exposition is shoved at readers in most of these fantasies already – yeah, I’m thinking it probably wouldn’t work very well.

    What could work is to have the MC first person, but switch to third person for the sections covering what the reader needs to know but the MC shouldn’t or couldn’t know. That has to be done carefully, of course, so as not to confuse things, but I think it would more “do-able”.

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    Thank you!

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