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    It’s done! Finished! Proof proofed and order placed for 38 copies. I can’t believe that I can now move onto something fictional. The two stories for Brit.Interplan.Soc spring to mind. Wow, such a relief. 🙂

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    Good for you!

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    You da man!



    You know what I mean. 😀

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    Congrats! It’s always a great relief to put a project to bed and move on to the next one.

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    Congrats, Oldtimer. You’ve worked long and hard–how good it must feel to finally have this project behind you. I hope your family members appreciate all you’ve done, and will treasure the books and pass them down through the years.

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    Thank you for the compliments everyone but especially yours, updog. It’s really great to get them. CreateSpace was super quick and the books are on their way to me, so my cousins should receive their copies by Christmas. I’ll be leaving New Hampshire mid-December to spend the holidays in South Carolina, away from my computer. I don’t know how to add Facebook to my new phone, so I won’t know my cousins’ reactions until January 6th after I go home, but I’ve already been told that they are looking forward to getting their books. (I can’t use my daughter’s computer. It’s a Mac and I’ve only ever used Windows.)

    During the break, I’ll be learning about the life of termites. They figure in my next story. (On Mars, of course). 😀

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    Congrats, that’s awesome. 🙂

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