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    Hi all – quick question. I’ve noticed a lot of agents clamoring for #ownvoices and such, and the novel I’m trying to publish really doesn’t fit that bill. I’m a white male, and my characters are white Christians who are fairly well off.

    To clarify, this is not Christian fiction. Faith doesn’t really come into the story much, the characters just go to church once and pray/sing hymns a few times.

    The story does feature prominent themes of family, disability, and adoption. Still, does my or my characters’ ethnicity, religion, or status mean it will be harder to publish in today’s market, or am I overthinking this?

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    Rob Vargas


    A good story is a good story. And the right agent will represent it.

    The challenge is finding that right agent. Even Harry Potter was turned down a couple dozen times. Some of the agents that came forward say they don’t regret it, because they weren’t the right agent for it.

    Find a book with as many similarities to your as you can find. Preferably, find four or five. See what genre its considered. And find out what agent represented it (if any).

    Do some market research, at least basic stuff like above.

    And good luck!

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