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    Depression VS Laziness
    Jared Kenwood

    In February 2014, Newsweek released an article headlined, “Nearly 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness each year.” Also, that article goes on to say, “About 42.5 million American adults suffers from mental illness, enduring conditions such as depression, bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia.”

    There have been many misinterpretations of mental illness from a typical or undiagnosed persons point of view. This is often pertaining to what is “stereotypical” behavior from a person suffering from a mental illness and a person who is not. In my research, I have discovered that depression is the most common form of mental illness and so unnoticeably high in today’s population, that it can go undiagnosed and remain dormant without ever properly being treated. In fact, the symptoms of depression can be similar to many other things such as: Just plain sadness (which is a typical human emotion), medical illness, weight problems, sleep problems, and to the one I personally wonder about: Laziness

    I have often asked myself, Am I a lazy human being? Am I worthless? A bum? Useless? Or am I just really depressed? Has depression caused me to just lose interest in things? Am I really depressed or am I really just using that as an excuse for being lazy? Even the mere thought of me being considered a lazy person depresses me. So, I did a lot of internet research to define the difference between a lazy person and a person who has clinical depression.

    Interestingly enough, I have discovered that I am not the person out there who asks these questions. There are literally thousands of people who post on forums and boards online, asking similar questions and many who have provided lots of informative information. Some feel that depression is a feeling of doom, a helpless and hopeless, never ending feeling which is something that I can relate to. In regards to laziness, a poster on the internet wrote, “laziness is a condition of choice, and is indulging in the pleasure of drowsiness.” I can relate to that as well but in a much lesser way then I can with the information I have found on depression.

    Laziness is something you can work on and change in a much faster time then curing depression. A lazy person will still be able to function like a person who doesn’t have a mental illness. They can feel anger, pleasure, frustration and happiness and even will themselves to get somewhere like school or work just by disciplining themselves and without having to succumb to feeling sick.

    Depression on the other hand, that can destroy your life. It makes you sick and interferes with your mental state and your physical state. It can deteriorate your health by weight loss or weight gain, deprive you of sleep, give you anxiety and even put a stomp on your happiness and will to live.

    Unfortunately, the views of those who aren’t diagnosed with depression see those who are in a not so wonderful light. Some people with depression are actually victimized. While they are already suffering as it is and are seeking help for their depression, behind their backs they are being called “losers” and other things.

    For example, let’s say a twenty-year old girl just lost her mother, to whom she was really close with, to breast cancer, and has become severely depressed. She drops out of college, starts losing weight, begins to call out of work more frequent then usual and stops talking to people she used to. Now on top of all of that, the ignorant people start rearing their ugly heads, possibly her coworkers, and start spreading rumors. They don’t know that this young lady is suffering from severe depression, they just see from the outside and start referring to her as a “bum” or “lazy” or even a “drug addict.” This unfortunately does happen, because people aren’t aware of the difference between laziness and depression let alone mental illness. People are often quick to call someone a drug addict or lazy and call names. I have been victimized in this way myself.

    Drawing to a close, I wasn’t lazy enough to do the research for this paper nor was I lazy to write it. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed writing it. It made me realize that I have done a lot of things that a lazy person could never do. I am depressed, and I know depression stands in the way of a lot of things. However, when I don’t have my bad moments I am able to accomplish what I enjoy doing, as long as it is something I’m not anxious about and provides me with happiness.

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    Nice. What was the intended audience and the purpose of the paper. Reads like a college essay to me. Which is fine if that was what it was. For an op-ed it would need to be more focused and slightly shorter.

    The last graf has confusing logic. ‘… wasn’t lazy enough to do the research for this paper…’ makes no sense to me.

    The grammar police will have to decide whether the title should use lc ‘vs’ or the UC ‘VS’ as done. I would have preferred the lc.

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