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    I guess this is an introduction of sorts. Hello. My name is Christine but I go by Chris. I am a girl and not a boy. Well a woman and not a man. I once wrote on NaNo from Paris and this one woman thought I was a guy and was ready to drive to my house in the middle of the night. EEK. Anyhoo, let’s see. And that was with a flower as my avatar. For reals, I am tall and blond and love shoes. I am starting a novel that is a risk for me. All the books I have been reading from the library recently are set in
    upper middle class apartments in or around Brooklyn. With the second story about some sort of crisis around the of mourning 911. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I wish I could go to one of those gatherings in the book and meet someone to publish one of my novels but I don’t live in New York. I live in an interesting to the rest of the world part of the country right now. I live in Wisconsin which is very conservative and true Trump land in the worst way and unsure if there is a best way, and I am a educated female. I read someplace that educated females will save the democratic party. I I have written 2 novels. The first rather rambly and the second a bit dark. Both incomplete. I have a distracted quality to my character. I suppose they both have elements of marketability. I hope to make some friends here and sell my novel.

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    Welcome to the forums.

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