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    I’m working on a couple novels, novellas, and novellettes, and I was hoping to post pits and pieces of my works onto these forums and get feedback on how to improve them.

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    Welcome to the forums. You can now post everywhere.

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    Hello. I’m trying to post my thread, but it keeps rejecting the post, saying that there are too few characters.

    It doesn’t say there are “too many” characters … only too few.

    I copied and pasted the post into Apache Open Office Writer, and confirmed that my character count is over 8,600. So how can I possibly have “too few” characters?

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    Scroll down click on bbc code and it should work.

    Then go to your profile and tell it to ignore bbc so you dont have to do that for every post.

    It’s not a feature , it’s a bug!

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