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    I am currently in the process of writing a spy thriller novel that is due to be completed in late October. The book revolves around the life of a journalist in Taiwan whose father was a former CIA spy. I am seeking a book editor who has experience in the traditional publishing industry and who may have worked with literary agents before.

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    Rob Vargas


    This was originally posted in Critique Central. That is, as the name implies, for critiquing each others’ works. I’ve moved this to a more appropriate forum.

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    T. A. Rodgers
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    Stevec105, So that people understand, what kind of editor are you looking for? Do you have a budget idea?

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    there are essentially 5 types of editing although some folks group them as 3 big categories and some split them into 9 or more that are more detailed.

    just what sort of editing to you want?

    too many people think editing is just proofreading for typos.

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