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    Is setting up a blog as hard as the self-help sites seem to make it? Do you really have to download various script programs (at a fee) and other programs to make your stuff compatible?
    Should you use a free service, but one that makes your readers log on to a site, where they’ll have to navigate a bunch of ads?
    Or….. should I just use Facebook?

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    Setting up a blog is easy, and you don’t have to download anything. Avoid self-help sites for blogs. Pick a blog service you like. I use blogger, simply because it’s owned by Google, which means it will be around longer than I am.

    Just follow the very simple instructions on the blog site itself, and you’ll have a blog up and running within minutes. There is no log on for guests, no ads to navigate, etc.

    Facebook is great for what it is, but it isn’t a blog.

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    facebook does provide a ‘notes’ section where you can post a sort of blog, if you like, but i prefer other sites like Livejournal, which is free and does permit ads, but only small ones in a banner across the top of the screen.

    i tried WordPress and thought it was so overwhelmed with widgets, etc, that it couldn’t function quickly/properly.

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    You can either choose to host your own domain or use some free blogging services. I have once a blog of my own, built on a wordpress platform.

    Wordpress for me was easy to use. What I love about wordpress blogs is that you can make it appear so professional or creative or whatever it is that you want.You only need to download some free themes (or purchase some) if you like, and activate it on your dashboard. With added plugins, you don’t really need to have some HTML or PHP knowledge or whatever programming skills just to have added functionality. WordPress works on a “What you see is what you get” editor that is simple and easy-to-use. 😉

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    Setting up a blog is really simple. I’ve used a free service and it has been great. You can set it up and link it easily with your adsence account (if you have one). The important thing is that you are able to maintain it. Most of this free blog sites allows you to customize the page.

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